In five double-spaced pages (12-point font, ~1,250-1,850 words) please provide the following:

Project statement

A general description, framing, and justification of the project that makes clear how it would heighten awareness of issues of social consciousness and contribute to the public good. ~1.5-2pp

Project plan

A brief step-by-step outline and timeline of your proposed activities followed by a specific description of the final outcome you hope to achieve. 

Continuity and preparation

A description of the ways in which your project continues the coursework, research, extracurricular activities, or other work in which you have been engaged at Berkeley, and/or grows out of your life experience.  Include a brief explanation of the training and experience that have prepared you to undertake the project. All applicants are encouraged to pursue an issue of personal interest for which they feel passion and commitment.

Note: If you are considering a project that involves travel to a country with a State Department Travel Warning in effect ( please talk to the program coordinator before starting your proposal.


Please see below for some examples of successful proposals.  Keep in mind that these are not meant to be templates; proposals are unique to individual projects.   You are highly encouraged to meet with the program advisor to go over your proposal draft before submitting.  Email to set up an appointment!

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