The maximum award is $25,000. In 1-2 pages, itemize all the major expenses that you expect to incur as you carry out your project, including: living expenses, travel costs, project expenses such as equipment, services (translations, honorariums, copying), communication, materials, etc.  Health insurance is required. To research options, review the information provided by the the University Health Service.  Prize money cannot be used for enrolling in credit-bearing courses.   Figures should be based on best estimates, ones that are reasonable, accurate, and truthful.  Substantial expenses should be researched.  

All items on the budget are subject to approval by the Selection Committee. If costs are not self-explanatory, consider including a budget narrative or budget notes.If budget exceeds $25,000 explain how you will meet the additional expenses. Please keep in mind that the award will be disbursed in 3-5 installments over the course of the project.  Once selected, recipients will work with the program coordinator to finalize a schedule of disbursements for the award.