Project Proposal

In five – six double-spaced pages (12-point font, reasonable margins) please provide the following:

Project statement (~1.5-2pp)

A clear description of and background for your project.  Provide context for your project that includes a discussion of the significance of the project in terms of what it will contribute to the public good or how it will have an impact on a social issue.  Though there is not room for a lengthy literature review, if you do include citations, please use in-text citations and include a Works Cited page at the end of your proposal (not included in page count). 

Project plan (~1.5-2pp)

A concise step-by-step outline and timeline of your proposed activities that allows the committee to understand how you will structure the work of your project.  Include a brief discussion of the outcomes or results you hope to achieve.

Continuity and preparation (~1.5-2pp)

A personal narrative of the ways in which your project continues the coursework, research, extracurricular activities, or other work in which you have been engaged at Berkeley, and/or which grows out of your life experience.  Provide an explanation of why you feel prepared and motivated to undertake your proposed project.  All applicants are encouraged to pursue an issue for which they feel passion and commitment.  Why is this project important to you? 

Note: If you are considering a project that involves travel to a country with a State Department Travel Warning in effect (, please talk to the program coordinator before starting your proposal.

You are highly encouraged to meet with the program advisor to go over your proposal draft before submitting.

Email to set up an appointment.