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Suashunn Harlan (2019)

Urban Youth Intervention and Creation

The Urban Youth Intervention and Creation project is a program dedicated towards the mental, creative, intellectual, and academic growth of marginalized students at Carver Middle School in South Central, Los Angeles. This project aims to counter cycles of trauma experienced in marginalized communities through exposing students to various ways of coping with symptoms of trauma such as meditation, breathing exercises, discussion, and art therapy. The program also centers around enriching students with exposure to a plethora of art mediums such as photoshop, filmmaking, clothing design, animation, and spoken word poetry. Introducing these tools and experiences to students is an effort to promote a positive shift in students’ life trajectories.  The project will invite numerous community artists and healers to lead workshops with the students and will culminate in... Read More

William Smith (2019)

The Bay Area Food Revolution: Transforming our Current Foodways

As a graduate from UC Berkeley, Will is a co-founder and farmer for the Black Earth Farming collective. The Black Earth Farms Collective is an agroecological ‘lighthouse’ organization composed of skilled Pan-African and Pan-Indigenous farmers, builders, healers, and educators who spread ancestral knowledge and train community members to build collectivized, autonomous, and chemical free food systems in urban and peri-urban environments throughout the Greater East San Francisco Bay Area (occupied Ohlone & Miwok land). Our work regenerates our community’s connection to and reverence for land and agriculture, which was severed from our ancestors through colonial violence, and removed from our elders through multinational corporate exploitation. One of our main priorities is ensuring low-income and houseless communities in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, and Richmond have consistent access to culturally relevant healthy food and... Read More

Arabi Hassan (2019)

The Dreamers’ Resource Project

The Dreamers’ Resource Project is designed to provide a comprehensive pipeline to higher education and technical education for immigrant students at Van Nuys High School (VNHS), located in Los Angeles, California. This project specifically focuses on the needs of undocumented VNHS students. In partnership with various immigrant-serving non-profits in Los Angeles, the Dreamers’ Resource Center will offer programming that will educate students, staff, and parents about immigration policies and how undocumented students can pursue an education at a four-year university or technical school. In addition, the program’s interactive professional and leadership development curriculum will help students prepare for life after high school. Given the immense legal, social, and political challenges facing undocumented communities today, this program seeks to create a meaningful and welcoming space for undocumented students to learn and reflect... Read More

Fanice Nyatigo (2019)


MamaTips is a subscription service that sensitizes rural Kenyan women on the importance of proper health care practices during their pregnancy, in a bid to encourage them to take an active role in ensuring their health and that of their baby. On a weekly basis, MamaTips uses an automated system to progressively send vital health information as recommended by the World Health Organization. The tips given are in line with the mother’s gestation stage, explaining what is happening in their womb, guiding them on how they could best support their growing baby and warning them on danger signs that they should be vigilant of. The primary target is women in rural or semi-urban settings where there is limited access to information and education. Additionally, the mothers will have the option of choosing someone they trust, such as their spouse, sister, friend or mother, to enroll in the service so that they can receive the same messages, act... Read More